Elan is dedicated to help you achieve your health and wellness goals, Elan therefore forges long-lasting partnerships with health care practitioners across disciplines and deliver nutritional solutions that work. Elan supplies a wide range of nutritional supplements worldwide that enable you to pursue a lean and healthy lifestyle.

Elan’s WLS capsules (Believe, Compass and Supreme) have long been known for excellent tolerability. This great advantage of the WLS capsules from Elan is due to the fact that the capsules are a size smaller than the capsules from comparable suppliers. This makes the WLS capsules from Elan easier to take and they lead to fewer stomach and abdominal complaints (such as nausea). Based on scientific research it is advised for bariatric patients to continue to take a WLS/bariatric supplement every day for the rest of their life after their bariatric surgery in order to prevent vitamin and/or mineral deficiencies. Therefore, at Elan we commit ourselves on a daily basis to optimize the tolerability of our products as much as possible for our customers in order to support them in their healthy lifestyle after their bariatric surgery.

Elan is proud to present the WLS tablets (Believe, Compass and Supreme) with Rapid Release Technology. In recent months, Elan’s Research & Development (R&D) department has worked hard to introduce these innovative products and develop Rapid Release Technology. The starting point of the development process of the Rapid Release Technology was that the WLS tablets should have a similar disintegration time as the WLS capsules, so that the vitamins and minerals would become available for absorption by your body as quickly. This is of course very important to prevent you from developing vitamin and/or mineral deficiencies after your bariatric surgery. The WLS tablets have a neutral taste and smell and due to the smaller size and smooth coating, the WLS tablets are even easier to take than the WLS capsules from Elan.