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Gastric Band

The Believe capsules, Believe chewable tablets and Believe tablets wit Rapid Release Technology (WLS/ bariatric supplements) of Elan have been specially developed for people who have undergone a sleeve gastrectomy or gastric band operation. In the development of these products and determining the exact composition of the Believe products Elan used the most recent scientific insights. After a gastric band operation you can eat less due to the restriction caused by the gastric band.

Scientific research has shown that your body will not get enough nutrients after your sleeve gastrectomy or gastric band operation in order to keep you fit and healthy without specialized WLS or bariatric supplements. It is important to take a specialized WLS or bariatric supplement every day in order to prevent vitamin and/or mineral deficiencies and potentially very serious nutritional complications (like for example osteoporosis, neurological complications, anemia and cardiovascular diseases). The Believe capsules, Believe chewable tablets , and Believe tablets of Elan ensure that you will get a sufficient amount of vitamins and minerals every day to supplement your diet after your gastric band operation.

In addition, after your bariatric operation, vitamin D and calcium are important for maintaining healthy bones. Furthermore, sufficient proteins are of great importance to support your body during the post-operative weight loss process. Elan has therefore developed the calcium products and the Whey Protein shakes especially for people who have undergone bariatric and/or metabolic surgery.

Your gastric band operation is an important step towards a healthier life for you, Elan is ready to support you in this lean and healthy lifestyle!